The Recruiting & Staffing Game

Staffing has become the most formidable achievements of over the last decade or so. Does one know what it actually means? Do the companies realize the impact it could have on the recruitment segment, at large? As per the dictionary and wickipedia , Staffing is a term used in the sphere of employment. Staffing is the process of acquiring, deploying, and retaining a workforce of sufficient quantity and quality to create positive impacts on the organization’s effectiveness.

The War for Talent is raging. Companies have been cutting costs to secure the maximum from investments done. With this also increases the risk of hiring quality talent. Building a stronger employment brand, paying employees a fair wage, creating training opportunities for your employees and promoting from within, investing in necessary job skills, and taking better advantage of candidate referrals are some the ways in which the current staffing rage could be addressed.

Building a talent pipeline that re-arranges and re-recruits talented people is the mantra companies should adopt to ensure being in the talent race and surviving the onslaught of competition.

Capture more candidates and reduce drop-off by continually engaging your potential talent. The key to workforce planning is all about creating and nurturing a database of pre-qualified candidates so they’re ready to be contacted and called in to interview any moment.  An easy-to-find, branded talent network will help you capture and re-engage more candidates over a longer period of time, as it works behind the scenes to send the potential candidates relevant and targeted job alerts when your new positions are posted.

Demographic shifts to a large extent are also creating a wave in the otherwise highly competitive sphere. The paradigm shift taking place in the technology segment and the flurry of offers people carrying with themselves have a cascading imaoct on the recruitment front. These are the so called transformers from the silent generation to the social natives.

In this era where technology rules the roost, the basic essentials have to be followed by the recruitment community at large. Some of them include having a mobile optimized website to ensure there is constant visits to the website and indirectly brand the company through these means. Also, blogging is an effective way and approach to ensuring there is always something new for the prospective job seekers in their goal towards achieving a good and secure career path.



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