2 Major Shifts in Recruitment Segment

With the upsurge in Technology and startup companies, the scenario for recruitments has taken a completely different shape altogether. Let us view some of them

Job Boards– While many of them have been existent over the last 1.5 decades, value proposition derived from these job boards, still continues to be a question mark. With the competition for hiring talent becoming increasingly difficult, job boards are losing their credentials. Survey shows that Job boards are more being considered from branding than recruitment. When large number of jobs is displayed, they do give a different perspective to the job seeker. It is directly proportional to the brand value a company has. When it comes to hiring for services companies, they do benefit immensely from these job boards, however product and niche companies find it extremely difficult to hire talent. It is the value vs volume game. There have been very many instances where people hire talent through mobile apps as Quickr etc etc. Mobile being the next wave, there is a paradigm shift for using the mobile potential to hire. It is no more the question of being internet savvy, it is the challenge of hiring the right person.

Recruitment Consultants- Companies hire varied consultants to ensure they keep pace with fulfilling requirements. This segment has mushroomed in a very large way over the last decade. Companies outsource for saving time and energy spent in hiring. Also, commercially it is not a viable option for companies to hire people in-house, considering the challenges involved. This segment is no less, competitive. In this swarm of hiring the right candidate, there is a lot of internal spit and spats. There is tirade within the consultant community and one time friends become foes. This also gives way to not following ethical practices in this field. Consultants too depend on job boards to fulfill their requirement; however similarity of database with every other one becomes a strong bone of contention. Companies, too tend to take advantage of this scenario and slash their rates to benefit the situation. Consultants on the other hand fight hard to get their share of the pie.

All in all, the situation prevailing in the recruitment segment is quite honestly no less than fights happening in a market place. Technology should take care of this largely and systems, procedures and laws need to be framed to bring about a cohesive recruitment environment


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