HR-Human Resources- 2 Impending Challenges

Human Resource as a department has gone through a major paradigm shift over the last decade or so. The challenges involved in people management are increasingly becoming menacing and posing as a major threat to the current state of the HR. Challenges vary from hiring to retention to employee benefits and a whole lot of other parameters. The youth of today is of strong mettle and require to be kept engaged at every given point in time. Let us look at some potential challenges they face:

Engagement– Innovation is the key here and unless HR comes out of the rut of traditional thinking, it may be extremely difficult for them to retain talent. Companies at large hire talent at the entry level, to ensure they could be moulded in every way. Alas, this often backfires. They come with a lot of energy and enthusiasm and company loyalty is the last priority for them. They want an environment of fun inclusive of learning. The Human Resource department, here faces challenges in keeping them highly motivated and channelizing their energies to the right sources. They have huge talents and HR often misses this crucial point. A mix of personal and professional touch would perhaps do the trick for them.

Motivation- In an extremely professional set up, where targets of the company supersede everything else, keeping the employees motivated and gun for a common objective becomes an impending challenge. HR tries various techniques to ensure employees are motivated, however attrition is still a challenge. The first ones to be affected would be the high performers as they always feel the crisis of not being inundated with “Challenge” on their work front. HR plays quite a crucial role here to ensure that the employees are motivated by extending a whole of personal sops in the form of ESOPS, etc etc. Money does play a significant role here and HR understands that very well.


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