Paradigm Shift in Consulting Business

The emergence of consulting business has changed the face of technology over the last decade or so. Consulting has assumed various shapes and forms over the years with global acceptance. While this still stands as a global phenomenon, there is also another theory which states the following : “Understanding the forces that bring about change and the circumstances in which those forces are operative: what causes what to happen, when and why”.

Disruption is one such theory. The same forces that disrupted so many businesses, from steel to publishing, are starting to reshape the world of consulting. The implications for firms and their clients are significant. The pattern of industry disruption is familiar: New competitors with new business models arrive; incumbents choose to ignore the new players or to flee to higher-margin activities; a disrupter whose product was once barely good enough achieves a level of quality acceptable to the broad middle of the market, undermining the position of longtime leaders and  often causing the “flip” to a new basis of competition.

In all this keos which prevails in the current state of technology, all that ultimately matters is that one needs to decipher new strategies to retain clients. Relationship building being one of the key areas of focus, on. Pricing and timely deliveries do play a significant role here , however to significantly raise bars of effective client management, one need to constantly innovate.



Odigo Tech- Indeed a Great Place to Work !


Testimonials give us a lot of boost to better ourselves. We believe every employee is an asset, and they need to be trained and nurtured in the right environments. We would like to thank all our wonderful team who have gone the extra mile for giving us great feedbacks and appreciations, on the same space.

As Always, we endeavour employee retention, growth and defining a career path for them. We believe that employees form our heart and their commitment, our soul. with technological advancements, being the order of the day, it is imperative that we focus our energies on Employee Retention and motivation. Having had the right work environment, we would like to sincerely thank all our employees for having been with us.

Thank you Balaji Piramala. You have indeed made us proud.

Top Trends in Technology from 2015-2050

We are living in an era where Technology is an integral part of our ecosystem. Technological developments have become the order of the day. They have laid the base for a futuristic world , unimaginable by most of us a decade back. Emergence of Digital Media, Cloud based systems and various other advancements have taken the technology world by storm. The generations to come would effectively be walking the talk with innovative mobile platforms emerging and making the common life easier and convenient. Let us look at some of these which would probably be the current and next generation technology platforms. Indeed well represented in the form of a video.

1) Internet of Things

2) Enterprise App Stores

3)Smart Phones & Mobile Apps

4)Organisational Cloud

5) Network Organstional Structure

6) IT Strategy Framework

7)IT Governance Value Drivers

8)Enterprise Architectures

Recruitment Trends for 2015

As we usher into an era of high volume recruitments happening across various sectors, let us take a moment to take a sneak peek into the trends governing the recruitment industry in India. Various career opportunities are beckoning the Indian Industry today. 2015 seems to be bringing in cheer and smiles to the career aspirants. There is expectation of voluminous increase in hiring percentage as well in the budgets allocated by industry ,at large. Mobile applications and Social media is slated to play a major role for 2015 hiring trends. Analytics is another area which is being looked at very seriously by the Industry. After all, we are living in a consumer driven market, hence the extreme need and necessity for Analytics.

Let us embrace 2015 with open arms. With a new and more stable government in place , the nation looks forward to a complete turn around in the industry and its policies.


Innovating IT , Delivering IT

Odigo Tech Solutions is an IT consulting organization with the key focus in the areas of IT Consulting , Application Development & Maintenance , Systems Integration and R & D services.

OTS was formed to take advantage of growing market demand in these areas and the delivery model used by OTS forms the core of its ability to respond to client needs on-time and on -budget.

By this OTS is able to provide the client with faster ,quality and state of the art solutions at minimum risk and optimum cost.